~every day~

I wake up as a child, bubbling with enthusiasm and curiosity,

During the day I reach adolescence filled with passion,

Evening brings upon the middle age contemplation,

Night bestows upon me the wisdom of old age,

and I die wishing peace and happiness for all.

I am born each day nascent and fresh,

I grow every day absorbing the world into me,

I die every night releasing  everything I behold,

thinking there will be no tomorrow.


Pause Yourself
Question everything you do
Question everytime you judge
Question your bad’s Question your goodness
Question your hate, question your love
Question the unique and the ordinary
Question the question you questioned yourself before
Pause now, let not your questions eat you.
let your answers surprise you, shock you, mesmerize you.
let your inner-self smile at your innocence.
Pause, and ‘Let it be’ if there are no answers.
let not your blankness boycott you
Let your love for yourself elevate you
Pause yourself again, Pause in peace.
Question again, there’s never an answer at ease.