Hampi – maiden trip

Below is the map of the places we visited during my maiden trip to Hampi.

We took a bus from Pune, Maharashtra to Hospete, Karnataka and then a City bus took us to the Hampi sites (takes around an hour to reach). We stayed on the hippie side of the town in rented tents. Sun was pretty hot and the rocky terrain makes it more scorching. I would suggest you carry caps/hats/scarves/goggles to protect yourself from heat. Bikes are available for rent, which is a pretty quick and easy way to move around. Legend has it that this place was “Kishkindha”, the capital of King Sugreeva and Bali from the Epic Ramayan. There is still a mystery why this area of about 40km diameter has rocks and beyond that, it is flat green land. The rocks don’t seem to emerge from some volcanic eruption or withered mountain, they seem to have been placed deliberately by some forces.

Below is the map of the places which I was told is the correct way to explore Hampi and its complete story (need to visit the next time). This covers the entire process of how temple architecture was taught to students that time and how they experimented/learnt by carving small temples out of rocks, and the journey ends at Hampi where the stage is set for the most elaborate stone-cut temples and buildings.


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