Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Festival 2015

Day 2

Niladri Kumar on Sitar accompanied by Vijay Ghate on Tabla

What a mind-blowing performance by the two, divine, magnificent, soul quenching performance.

I was tapping my fingers now to give myself a rhythm, then suddenly something great happened. When the beats got faster, I closed my eyes, the tabla beating faster and faster, the sitar strings, the vibrations, the aura, purifying the body and mind, I was soon engrossed in the music and music was the only thing I could hear now. It was as if I was lifted away from my aural surroundings. Suddenly, I stop tapping my fingers, overwhelmed, frozen in the moment, not able to decipher what was going on, music sucked my soul and lifted up in the sky, I was now floating, like somebody had swung a magic wand and my spirit was in the air. I wanted to be afloat, too many emotions grabbed me simultaneously, ecstasy, love, fear of missing out, happy-sad duality, and much more than words can ever explain…and tears came rolling down.

Day 3


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