cracking it open!

Hazy afternoon with cool breeze blowing across the academic area.

I’m sitting inside an air conditioned lab and the electricity hogging machinery. friends are no way near, no one to talk but even if someone did come close to me, i would hardly make an effort to strike a conversation.

After watching a few hours of videos on youtube on technology advancements and the future, i stand up and move out to have a cup of tea. having a tea at this hour is awkward coz i usually go with my friends. but this time no one is around.

Sitting under a dense tree, looking up in the sky through the spaces left by the leaves, the sun shines shines bright at my face. breeze comes racing into my arms and I behold the scene, capture the moment because it soon gonna end. The feeling of loss before the loss is creeping every moment.

The slurp the tea in, feel the rock’s surface I am sitting on, the soft grass beneath it charges me up with freshness. Many dried fruits of the tree are fallen on the ground. I pick one up and begin investigating. I seem to be on a mission. Scrutiny of the hard shell is on and i make a plan to crack it open. No stone near by, I try to crack it by hand. No luck. Don’t want to get up and look for a suitable stone to open it. Finally after the battle in my mind is won by curiosity, I get up and march towards a pile of stones near by. I grab a rock and give the seed a few beatings. Woalla! It cracks open.

I go back to the lab, embellish it on my desk and the lucky seed undergoes a photo session.


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