Life: an experiment

What we do in our lives and what we get is all an experiment on ourselves. Things which happen to somebody else may or may not happen to us as well. Sometimes we take advice from people about our situation and apply their methods as it is without thinking it over and when we do not get the same result(or atleast the expected result), we stop believing in that method-or worse in the person as well). In such cases, isn’t it familiar to the experiments we do in our labs. Giving stimuli and measuring the output to then change the stimulus a little bit and again take a reading and so on. Old people or experienced people develop a pattern from their own experiments and other’s experiments as well and they can identify the outcome even before one gives a stimulus to the situation.

We all have done this experiment, in fact we do it everyday. We don’t realise it but we do it every moment of our lives. Some say its a gamble we play while some take the “safe way out”.


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