What is life ?

What if you are suspended between a white hole and a black hole? You are standing on a “fabric” called time. The white hole vomited you out i.e. the time you were born. You are being constantly sucked into the black hole. The time when you will disappear into the black hole is when you will die. What happens inside white and black hole is not known to anyone just like you don’t know what or where were you before birth and what will you do or where will you go after death.

The white circle around you depicts the present moment, which I call “moment bubble”. You try to seize the moment but it always escapes from you even when you were at some point a part of that bubble.

Due to external disturbances the “fabric of time” develops waves which when hit you at its crest, you feel happy and when it hits you at a trough, you feel low. You are fighting to maintain an equilibrium at all times. Whatever you do in your life is just to maintain this equilibrium.

The journey you travel on the “fabric of time” from the white hole to the black hole is called ~life~


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