Experience Explosion

Lets look at the bigger picture

There is this mind
Then there is the lifetime
Then there are these other people whom this mind meets during a lifetime (call them touch points)
All these permutations and combinations of experiences he goes through
Now look at all the people on this planet
Plot their experiences
Then look at the time since the advent of first human beings
You get this huge amount of subjective data of all the experiences all of the people had during all of this time.
I say you can never have the same experience as another man ever.

You can travel, meet new people, listen to their stories, emphasize with them, you can even come close to what they experience BUT you can never have the same experience.
Each individual on this planet has a different thinking, different process, different behaviors, different chemistry (even twins are different) and i bet clones will also be different when they will grow them up.
I wonder if every man on this whole planet, since the beginning of time has had different experiences in his life, then what would that plotting look like?
how will you plot it?
how will you visualize it?
what color will you give it?
will it be 3 dimensional? or maybe more?
What about if all the possible experiences have already been exhausted and we are being served second hand stuff?
Or maybe its a logarithmic curve which goes till infinity!


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